Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rainnie @ Putrajaya

18 October 2009 - Patrick and Jay ask me along for a model shooting in Putrajaya as practise . .
Of course I don't wanna miss the opportunity to learn something~
Here are some of the shots! Do comment~ Thanks~

*photo quality somehow changes after uploading, don't know why thou*

Special thanks to the Rainnie too, whom allow a stranger like me to take photos of her~
and MsXeRoZ for the accompany~ =D

signed off busily and lazily at 3:48 p.m.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best Birthday Celebration Ever~

Finally finally finally . . . I'm taking a break to update my blog! Have to continue to paint the house after this!
It had been a pretty busy weekend~
Just finished my exam on Friday and have to prepare for the party on Saturday...
Suddenly dad and mom ask me to decide which car to buy~A car! A car! A car! Have to ask around with pricing and the conditions of the car~ Haven't get any job but need to starting to pay for a car~ >.<
Have to prepare several stuff for the coming competitions ~ *collaboration with MsXeRoZ*
And Most Important! Loads of post is awaiting me to post up! Anyway, here's a post regarding the best birthday celebration ever !

17 October 2009 - In conjunction with Deepavali! MsXeRoZ had planned a Pork-rageous Fiesta, at the same time celebrating Mei Yee's and MY 23rd birthday! I'll cut the story short ~ Let's get the party STARTED!

Chef of the day~ Me and Kian Tatt!
Everyone said the the food was GOOD! I don't know how true it is~ but I liked it!

The Lovely and Tasty Blueberry Birthday Cake!

Both birthday boy and girl make a wish!

We've been celebrating birthday together since secondary school~ Glad to have a friend to share the same birthday!

I got betrayed this time~ Birthday group photo without MY FACE! *courtesy of Keith Mah*

It all started with a BOOM!

Kitt's 'gun' went misfire and blasting uncontrollably!

Another group photo with my face of course! and presents!

Our birthday card!

The card was separated so that we could keep our 'part' respectively~

Let's take a look with my birthday present!
Familiar with this jersey? Wondering where did you saw it before? Click here for the answer~

Yups! I got the jersey and a pair of movie tickets from TianChad! Thank you~
and also . . . A pen craved with my initials from my gang! yea, is initials~ not genitals =.=

There you go~ My best birthday celebration ever!
More photos in Facebook link

Special thanks to :

Party Organiser
MsXeRoZ aka Nicole

Wern d'BaboOn

BBQ ingredients
My mom

Vince and Waileng

Table and Chairs
Vince and Waileng

Stephanie ( neighbour )

MsXeRoZ aka Nicole
Wern d'BabOon
Jack Hooi
Edwin Ng
Keat Boy
Raymond Chai
Keith Mah
MeiYee the Birthday Girl
Me the Birthday Boy

All the attendees

I don't have the opportunity to thank everyone on that day~ Hereby, once again I would like to express my gratitute~

and I love the pen so much!
signed off happily at 4:46 p.m.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not my Birthday Dinner in MFM VS QUICK SUCK ?? ~

5 September 2009 - BIG day for Wern aka bOon~ Celebrated her birthday with Marsboy, KoKo, Nicole, and my 2 cousins which happened to be at my place~

We went to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with Marsboy and KoKo~ Decided to have dinner in Manhattan Fish Market since we'd eliminated the rest of the choices.
I'd always prefer the Seafood Platter for 2 as the portion serves for more than 2~ haha!
and they used 'Flame-thrower' to melt the cream before serving!

Heard of 'Quick-Cut' before? A saloon which offers as quick as 15-minutes hair cut. . .
BUT, what about QUICK' SUCK ? what do they offer? 15-minutes of sucking? GOSH!

Located near to MFM, I really thought I saw QUICK SUCK at the first glance! LoL! I wonder did the owner name it on purpose??!

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday post to Wern!

signed off at 1:35 p.m.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another day out with Ruumates~

Its been awhile since I last update my blog~ Exam really will drive someone goes Crazieee~
Here I am again. . Promise to update my blog after exam~

This is suppose to be a 1 month old post~ haha! Late update . .
30 August 2009 - Went to Genting Highland as part of ruumz gathering~ Participants : Jack aka Marsboy, Rachel K aka Koko nut, Hafez aka Capt. Freeze, Eklern aka Egg, Rachel T aka RachT, Wern da'BabOon, Nicole aka MsXeRoZ and ME!
Don't be surprise as ruumsters are well-known with their nicknames!

I took some shots while the gang starts going hay-wire.. again~

Genting Highland was crowded as usual during National Day's eve~ Not to mention finding a place to park a car took us more than an hour~ We're even in the waiting list just for bowling~

Courtesy of Marsboy taking burst shot!

**WARNING! Parental guidance required** LoL!
Please Do Not Try This At Home!

This statue of Buddha is located at the memorial park in Genting~

Not to forget a photo of me of cuz!
signed off once again at 5:08 p.m.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Mooncake Festival @ Lantern Vestival ~

03 October 2009 - Today is the 15th day on the eighth month of Lunar calender. Chinese celebrates Mooncake festival a.k.a Lantern festival~ Some also known as Mid-Autumn~

**pictures adapted from google images**
Its been awhile since I 'stop' blogging due to exams~ But now - I AM BACK!
First thing here I wanna wish everyone Happy Mooncake Festival!

中秋节快乐 !!!
signed off at 4:57 p.m.