Friday, July 31, 2009

Sg. Lembing - A Memorable Trip ~

Our family members hasn't gather around since Chinese New Year. . Everyone has been busy either to earn a living or preparing for exams~ Its kind'da funny if someone ask you how's your family members doing recently, and you don't even know how to answer~

This family trip to Sg.Lembing has been planned by my uncle, Alex Loo months earlier. . . Everyone can take this opportunity to put down their daily heavy loads for now, enjoy and relax through the beautiful weekend. .

Our first destination approaching Sg.Lembing was the waterfall and reserved forest of Sg. Pandan~

Beautiful waterfall with suspended bridge~

I just started photography recently, these photos really tested my skills~

Lacked of photo shooting experience, I took loads of shots and only satisfied with few of them~

No more shooting for me, I'm not gonna miss the chance to embrace myself with Mother Nature~

Time to jump into the cooling and refreshing water!

I personally like these photos~ Its like surrounded by clouds~

My beloved grandpa and grandma~

You can't find such good quality and tasty rambutans in K.L. for sure!

Second day~

We woke up at 4.30 in the morning, then took a climb to Panorama Hill to witness the legendary 'sea of clouds'~ haha!

This photo looks like fire in the town~ xp

Witness the well known 'sea of clouds' ~

This looks like Niagara Falls to me~ haha!

This one looks like clouds are flowing from a river~

When you come to Sg.Lembing, of course you can't miss the chance to visit the museum~ It very much describe the ' moment of glory ' of Sg.Lembing which used to be one of the largest underground mining area!

Last destination before we leave Sg.Lembing - the famous crystal house! The owner of the place created a miniature-mine-like tunnel and explained how underground mining works!

He's been working as 'demolition man' for 23 years, carrying dynamites and explosives while he works! Fire in the hole! BOOM! When he saw pieces of uniquely shaped rocks, he will keep them and bring home on a motorbike as collections. . 10 years passed! There, the collections he had today!

bla bla bla~ I'd finished sharing my experience in Sg.Lembing!
For more photos, please refer to my Facebook profile: Day1 and Day2 ~
Now I have to rush myself for dinner and then head out to Juice 7th Birthday at Euphoria, M.O.S. . . .

signed off at 7 p.m.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stuff Magazine 5th Anniversary at ZOUK~

It happen at 22 July 2009 late evening, when I suddenly remembered that TianChad had reminded me about the Stuff anniversary in ZOUK. Panic where to get a copy of Stuff magazine last minute for the invites then TianChad said he got a friend with extra invites~ phew! Save my day~

Reached ZOUK before the event started but couldn't go in yet . . . still waiting for the friend who caught in jam~ While we're waiting. . . *snap snap* photo time!

Does our attire match the logo??

ZOUK's concern bout all the guests health . . . Well done ZOUK!

Was taking some of these photo outside ZOUK when . . .

the Hitz cruizer arrived. . . I wonder why Hitz.FM is here . . .
But, I'm more curious bout who's the

Ohh... No wonder Hitz.FM is here! Ean from the
Morning Crew and Natalie from Hitz Drive Thru was the emcee for that night~
Now i understand why Hitz.FM always announce Ean is short~

I just started to join events recently, and this is the first event I started to blog about! Happy enough, I was given limited access pass to the event! Cool rite?? okayla, cool for a new blogger like me~ =)
Besides, Stuff magazine is generous to give out loads of prizes includes sound systems, 32" flat screen LCD, speakers, branded mouse and keyboards . .
The guy ( second from left on the right photo ) was so so so happy that he squeezed the presenter's hand so hard . . because he won the LCD tv~

And also special prizes for the 2
Guitar Hero finalist!

Ean can't resist the temptation of the ecstacy playing Guitar Hero and tried it himself too~

Thanks to the organising body and sponsors for the cool event!

Not to forget a photo with the
Morning Crew - Ean!
Thank God I was able to retrieve this photo from the corrupted memory card~
** p/s. please refer to my second post if you don't know what I mean. .

Lastly, before leaving. . . Gotta pays tribute to our KING OF POP! R.I.P MJ~

There, this is XeRoZ aka Marshall aka ZJ.. LoL~ reporting LIVE from the event! =x

signed off at 12.50 a.m.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I got invitations to Martell Cognac presents JUICE 7th Birthday this Friday 31 July 2009 at Euphoria, Ministry of Sound!

Martell Cognac presents JUICE 7th Birthday Future So Bright Party:: Fri 31 July 09  9pm  Ministry of Sound, Sunway  Dresscode - Sunnies + Neon Bright Lights
Unfortunately, sad to hear that TianChad is not joining us that night due to family matters, he will be back to Melacca~ Take care TianChad and drive safely!

Now. . The usually 'fashion-less' me is headache where to get dresscode which is sunnies + neon brights! Please suggest to me if something came across your mind~ and I need a shade~ =.=

Stay tune for more at =)

signed off at 5.15 p.m.

A day out to Tanjung Sepat~

Holiday in Sungai Lembing was one hell of memorable experience! But before I procceed to the Sg.Lembing post, Tg.Sepat come first~

21 July 2009 - I received a call few days back from one of my NS friend~ She invited me for a photo shooting outing organised by her friend - Joel. Since we haven't meet up for some time, and I got nothing to do~ why not?

It was a rainy morning and we're worried that the weather might ruin our plan. We went there for lunch the food there not bad and affordable too~

We had prawns, crabs, clamps, oysters, and a vege for lunch! No time for photo, HUNGRY!

I think we had good karma, weather turn out to be so nice for us after meal!

This is part of the so called the 'Lover Bridge'. . . but why?

Based on Chinese custom, it is said that during Chinese's Valentine Day. . . girls would write down their contact and wishes on Mandarine oranges and then throw them into the water, hoping to find a good partner. Guys on the other hand, would pick them up and said to be fated with the girl. . . =) Fated or not, I just hope that couples would live happily ever after~
So, this bridge is crowded with people during the vestival, where the bridge got its name - Lover Bridge.

Some snapshot while I'm on the bridge~
Its a beautiful day!

We bumped into a couple taking their wedding photo on Lover Bridge. They might've met here! ^^

We then visit to the LingZhi (Ganoderma lucidium) farm to see how they grew~
LingZhi is said to have alot of medicinal properties and is one of the most expensive herbs.

They grew mushrooms and fungus here too~ those with loads of mineral properties.

Some kids fishing in the hut at the center of a brigde.

We continue our journey to Sepang Gold Coast for sun set~
Unfortunately, the sun was barely visible due to clouds... =(

Saw a happy couple walking along the beach with their baby~
Some composed photo ~

Thx for the invitation again ~ ^^ and glad to know some new friends!
for more photos, please login your Facebook and click here!

Thx for visiting my blog!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

KFC party ended with laughter and joy!

Here we go... my 'suppose to be' second post of my blog..

First of all, I would like to wish Happy Belated Birthday to my cousin bro and my aunty~

18July was their birthday, unfortunately I did not celebrate with them because they did not held any celebration party; and I'm attending a KFC party on the other side >.<" ( basically i'm part of the party organiser )

OK.. the reason of organising the KFC party was to:

1. reward our supporters. Please refer to MsXeRoZ for further info.

2. and the same time - a gathering. Everyone has been busy on their daily routines since we last met, so we ( the organisers ) think that it's time for a small gathering to spend some quality time for friends and family.

Before we started our party at 6, we have to prepare some of the food even though its a pot luck party. Of course, KFC is the main 'actor' here~ But with nearly 30 pax, the RM100 voucher wasn't enough to feed us full! haha~

Therefore, the chef have to prepare some extra servings!

Finally, most of our guest had arrived. Time to PARTY! Introducing...

Our main dish!

Not to forget to treat our 'guest' which has looking at us for quite some time from afar~

And thanks to our sweet neighbour - Stephanie ( I think ) to lend us some extra chairs so that our guest would not standing for their meal.
Unfortunately, Stephanie was unable to join us as she'll be going out.. yet she invited us to her house for a costume party for the coming month! YAY!

A so-called group photo for our party =)

The 'hat' is a special request for the KFC party theme~

Having games after our guest filled their empty stomach~

We seldom gathered along like this for a long time~ friends spending quality time together..

And finally, this is the worse part of having a party - cleaning up =.=

Here, I would like to thank all the guest for all your support~ Hope we'll win more competition and have more party to enjoy!

It's getting late... Have to wake up early tomorrow for my trip to Sg. Lembing in Kuantan!
Watch out for more posts and photos! =)

signing off at 1.56 a.m.