Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another day out with Ruumates~

Its been awhile since I last update my blog~ Exam really will drive someone goes Crazieee~
Here I am again. . Promise to update my blog after exam~

This is suppose to be a 1 month old post~ haha! Late update . .
30 August 2009 - Went to Genting Highland as part of ruumz gathering~ Participants : Jack aka Marsboy, Rachel K aka Koko nut, Hafez aka Capt. Freeze, Eklern aka Egg, Rachel T aka RachT, Wern da'BabOon, Nicole aka MsXeRoZ and ME!
Don't be surprise as ruumsters are well-known with their nicknames!

I took some shots while the gang starts going hay-wire.. again~

Genting Highland was crowded as usual during National Day's eve~ Not to mention finding a place to park a car took us more than an hour~ We're even in the waiting list just for bowling~

Courtesy of Marsboy taking burst shot!

**WARNING! Parental guidance required** LoL!
Please Do Not Try This At Home!

This statue of Buddha is located at the memorial park in Genting~

Not to forget a photo of me of cuz!
signed off once again at 5:08 p.m.

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Random Student said...

I love to take pics of statues of such big proportions.