Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas to All~

Christmas has come and New Year is approaching~
For exactly 2 months I did not update my blog and that makes me feels bad~
Hopes that my visitors are still here for me~
Been busy learning to cope with my new 'life'~
and now I'm back~
before I start to update bout my new 'life' in my upcoming post~
I would like to wish everyone~

Merry Christmas! HoHoHo!

signed off at 4:38 p.m.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rainnie @ Putrajaya

18 October 2009 - Patrick and Jay ask me along for a model shooting in Putrajaya as practise . .
Of course I don't wanna miss the opportunity to learn something~
Here are some of the shots! Do comment~ Thanks~

*photo quality somehow changes after uploading, don't know why thou*

Special thanks to the Rainnie too, whom allow a stranger like me to take photos of her~
and MsXeRoZ for the accompany~ =D

signed off busily and lazily at 3:48 p.m.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best Birthday Celebration Ever~

Finally finally finally . . . I'm taking a break to update my blog! Have to continue to paint the house after this!
It had been a pretty busy weekend~
Just finished my exam on Friday and have to prepare for the party on Saturday...
Suddenly dad and mom ask me to decide which car to buy~A car! A car! A car! Have to ask around with pricing and the conditions of the car~ Haven't get any job but need to starting to pay for a car~ >.<
Have to prepare several stuff for the coming competitions ~ *collaboration with MsXeRoZ*
And Most Important! Loads of post is awaiting me to post up! Anyway, here's a post regarding the best birthday celebration ever !

17 October 2009 - In conjunction with Deepavali! MsXeRoZ had planned a Pork-rageous Fiesta, at the same time celebrating Mei Yee's and MY 23rd birthday! I'll cut the story short ~ Let's get the party STARTED!

Chef of the day~ Me and Kian Tatt!
Everyone said the the food was GOOD! I don't know how true it is~ but I liked it!

The Lovely and Tasty Blueberry Birthday Cake!

Both birthday boy and girl make a wish!

We've been celebrating birthday together since secondary school~ Glad to have a friend to share the same birthday!

I got betrayed this time~ Birthday group photo without MY FACE! *courtesy of Keith Mah*

It all started with a BOOM!

Kitt's 'gun' went misfire and blasting uncontrollably!

Another group photo with my face of course! and presents!

Our birthday card!

The card was separated so that we could keep our 'part' respectively~

Let's take a look with my birthday present!
Familiar with this jersey? Wondering where did you saw it before? Click here for the answer~

Yups! I got the jersey and a pair of movie tickets from TianChad! Thank you~
and also . . . A pen craved with my initials from my gang! yea, is initials~ not genitals =.=

There you go~ My best birthday celebration ever!
More photos in Facebook link

Special thanks to :

Party Organiser
MsXeRoZ aka Nicole

Wern d'BaboOn

BBQ ingredients
My mom

Vince and Waileng

Table and Chairs
Vince and Waileng

Stephanie ( neighbour )

MsXeRoZ aka Nicole
Wern d'BabOon
Jack Hooi
Edwin Ng
Keat Boy
Raymond Chai
Keith Mah
MeiYee the Birthday Girl
Me the Birthday Boy

All the attendees

I don't have the opportunity to thank everyone on that day~ Hereby, once again I would like to express my gratitute~

and I love the pen so much!
signed off happily at 4:46 p.m.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not my Birthday Dinner in MFM VS QUICK SUCK ?? ~

5 September 2009 - BIG day for Wern aka bOon~ Celebrated her birthday with Marsboy, KoKo, Nicole, and my 2 cousins which happened to be at my place~

We went to Sunway Pyramid to meet up with Marsboy and KoKo~ Decided to have dinner in Manhattan Fish Market since we'd eliminated the rest of the choices.
I'd always prefer the Seafood Platter for 2 as the portion serves for more than 2~ haha!
and they used 'Flame-thrower' to melt the cream before serving!

Heard of 'Quick-Cut' before? A saloon which offers as quick as 15-minutes hair cut. . .
BUT, what about QUICK' SUCK ? what do they offer? 15-minutes of sucking? GOSH!

Located near to MFM, I really thought I saw QUICK SUCK at the first glance! LoL! I wonder did the owner name it on purpose??!

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday post to Wern!

signed off at 1:35 p.m.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another day out with Ruumates~

Its been awhile since I last update my blog~ Exam really will drive someone goes Crazieee~
Here I am again. . Promise to update my blog after exam~

This is suppose to be a 1 month old post~ haha! Late update . .
30 August 2009 - Went to Genting Highland as part of ruumz gathering~ Participants : Jack aka Marsboy, Rachel K aka Koko nut, Hafez aka Capt. Freeze, Eklern aka Egg, Rachel T aka RachT, Wern da'BabOon, Nicole aka MsXeRoZ and ME!
Don't be surprise as ruumsters are well-known with their nicknames!

I took some shots while the gang starts going hay-wire.. again~

Genting Highland was crowded as usual during National Day's eve~ Not to mention finding a place to park a car took us more than an hour~ We're even in the waiting list just for bowling~

Courtesy of Marsboy taking burst shot!

**WARNING! Parental guidance required** LoL!
Please Do Not Try This At Home!

This statue of Buddha is located at the memorial park in Genting~

Not to forget a photo of me of cuz!
signed off once again at 5:08 p.m.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Mooncake Festival @ Lantern Vestival ~

03 October 2009 - Today is the 15th day on the eighth month of Lunar calender. Chinese celebrates Mooncake festival a.k.a Lantern festival~ Some also known as Mid-Autumn~

**pictures adapted from google images**
Its been awhile since I 'stop' blogging due to exams~ But now - I AM BACK!
First thing here I wanna wish everyone Happy Mooncake Festival!

中秋节快乐 !!!
signed off at 4:57 p.m.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thx for the support all along, Yay ~

2 months has passed since I started blogging~ Starts going event and meet new friends since then . . .
Its a total new experience for me! Before this, I wouldn't know blogging would reach such stage that I couldn't even imagine~

Well, this post is meant to celebrate my blog for the 20th post and hitting 1000 visitors! Woohoo~ And, for the first time my post was at the TOP 10 in nuffnang Innit!
Not something to boast off, but I would say its more like a self-achievement, and self-motivation. Personally, I wouldn't think I could come this far, but yet I'm here~ I made it in 2 months!

Really have to thanks MsXeRoZ and TianChad for all the guidance~ And all my fella friends and families who was willingly or forced to visit my blog~ =p Not to forget Innit Nuffnangers as well! Thanks for all YOUR support!
And I do need all of you to continue to support me! Thanks again !

signed off emotionally at 5:47 p.m.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Night shooting @ Putrajaya ~

29 August 2009 - It was a busy day since early in the morning~ and I had to drop by Dengkil at night, why don't go to Putrajaya for some night shooting as well? Quickly picked up my phone and sms kaki to go along with me~

We reached there about 9 p.m. after dinner. . Our first shooting scene - a completed-lighted-functioning bridge; the other with no head and tail . . Well, it could be an eye sore, and blaming government wasting money building bridges with no ends~

A motorboat passes by, causing the clear-mirrored-reflection of the bridge having some special effect~

I was too focus snapping the bridge, forgetting to snap the nice reflection until the motorboat passes by~ I missed the nice reflections~ =( Kindly refer to MsXeRoZ as she had some better shots~

As a newbie in taking photos, those who are experienced advised me to play with camera settings~
Below are some shots taken with different settings~ Do leave some comment for me to improve myself =D

I liked this shot with the moon~ Not edited.

Well, let me know which shot you liked the most~ =D

signed off multi-tasking at 4:07 p.m.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

KL Bird Park ~

23 August 2009 - Went to KL Bird Park, the world's LARGEST free-flight walk-in aviary after the night to LoOk Out pOint.

I noticed there's a special rate for Malaysians as the entrance fee was written RM42 for adult and RM32 for children, but there's another notice at the side of the counter wrtting 'dewasa lima belas' and 'kanak-kanak enam', no figure was written.
LoL~ I think this is to avoid foreigners asking 'what is this 15 and 6 doing on the notice?' =D

I realised that ostrich has the 'dumbest' smile~ haha!

Enjoy the picture. . . Well, I'm new in shooting~ trying to improve my shooting skills~ =)

This pose looks fimiliar - If you watched 'Once upon in China - Master Wong' haha!

Was waiting whole day for a peacock to open up its 'fan' . . but they were stingy to show any~

This bird reflects the sunlight with its colourful shiny feather~

Owls are proven to be asleep during the day~ haha!

I personally like the black hawk~

Skin colour is not an issue even for birds in Malaysia~ LoL~ *theoretically*

Gosh, I still got some piled up photos to update~ haha! stay tune!

signed off at 8:55 p.m.