Monday, August 31, 2009

Ruumz Second Day Out ~

As promised! Here you are . . . second day dinner at Teluk Gong~ Seafood for dinner, special arrangement for Fez!
Prawns, clamps, crabs and todi! wo0ts!

Everyone was hungry, but the gila-ness buried within still no way to be stop! Not to mention when we're semi-full!

A group photo is a Must, of course!

Di mana ada Eklern, di sana ada Guinness~

*Blurp* Excuse me~ haha!
Dinner's over!

For more photo, as usual. . . click here!
Ahh~ just finished posting 2nd days out! Genting trip with Ruumsters are awaiting!

signed off rushingly at 4:30 p.m.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My 1st Ruumz outing~

Gosh, I have to keep my blog active in order to reach my first 1000 visitor~ Hitting 600 now, 400 to go!
Gotta keep up posting!

15 August 2009 - My first outing with myRuumates since I join Ruumz about few months ago. I first joined just to help TianChad for some sort of competition, I guess. . haha! But after meeting some new friends from Ruumz in the JUICE anniversary, I started to chat with them in the chatRuum and get to know them more. Since there's a gathering, why not join them?

Neway in Puchong - Me, Nicole, Jack aka Marsboy, Rachel K aka KoKo Nut, Minton, Hafez and Cynthia. . .

Sunway Pyramid - Nicole and Hafez joined in the models~ Well, I don't know what you call the models. . they're actually posting like statue without moving for quite some time~

Dinner - Sushi King, Esther aka Hellgirl and Rachel T, Eklern and Wendy joined in~ 'baby' Esther will only eat by spoonfeeding~

G.I.Joe session in TGV~

Prevention of H1N1 - Jack looks scare!! By poster of 'The Screen' ? or Nicole?

After movie - drinking session of course! The usual place where the gang hang out - The Sanctuary!

For more photos, please refer to my Facebook profile here~
Second day dinner at Teluk Gong coming up! Stay tune!

signed off at 1:19 a.m.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

FHM '100 Most Wanted Woman in the World 2009' Party ~

I bought 2 copies of FHM for the passes to the event without realising one of the pass was missing from the magazine~
Feeling disappointed and helpless, I emailed FHM and the reply is :

Dear zijian Soon,

You may collect a replacement pass at my office from Tuesday 11 August 2009 to Thursday 13 August 2009 (9.30am to 5.00pm) or at the event venue on Friday 14 August 2009 before 7.00pm. Attached is a map to my office for your reference.

Thank you.


Tim Chew

Associate, Marketing & Promotions – FHM/ Top Gear

Oh My God! I was expecting something negative when I received the email~ But this is one hell of a good news to me~ I'm going to the FHM '100 Most Wanted Women In the World 2009' party!

14 August 2009 - It was a rainy day and it started to rain as soon as I head out from my home~ gosh. . . And just as expected - JAM! Arghh! The event was limited to the first 400 guest and suppose to start st 7:30 p.m.
And there I am, still caught in jam at 7:25 p.m. . .

Luckily it was raining and everyone was late~ haha! I manage to reach there moments later and I'm IN~ weee!

So, this is it ' HELLO BOYS'~

A photo with the BIG magazine front cover~

Some of the shots taken before the party started~

Thanks Carlsberg for Sponsoring!!! *cheerssss*

Oh ya! This is MR.Tim Chew~ He's the macho guy who gave me my replacement pass! If is not him, I might miss this happening event! Thank you TIM!

Compose the variety shots of photos! If you notice, there's some photo which are on 'fire'~ HOT!

Alrite guys and girls~ Enjoy the photos~

Rank 95 - Rozita Che Wan

Rank 74 - Gan Mei Yan ( MY FM dj )

Rank 40 - Amber Chia

Rank 98 - Sari Yanti

Rank 12 - Sarah Lian

Rank 20 - Yasmin Hani

Rank 1 - The Chong Sisters

And yups . . . this hottie here ain't from the TOP 100 Most Wanted Woman, but she's still hawt rite? Perhaps CARLSBERG can use her as ambassador~ Take a look at the video below~

Maybe I can post up the count down from 100 to 1 for the FHM's 100 MOST WANTED WOMAN IN THE WORLD 2009 . . . Who goes up? Who goes down? Who's the new entry??
Well, this depends on the request of my viewers =D

We did not stay there for long as the event too almost ended by the time we left. . .Next station, went off to celebrate an ol' friend's birthday~


signing off at 4:17 a.m.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

When macho guys have photo with their dolls?? ~



Too too~ bad I was unable to attend the rest of the graduation ceremony of my friends in UTAR and in MMU . . .

Hereby, I would like to wish my friends whom were in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman and Multimedia University . . .

A Happy Graduation Day ! ! !

signed off at 5:40 p.m.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MardiGras Party Girls Search '09 ~

Was chatting in Ruumz when a friend ask me to look at this site~

WOW! Party Girls Search '09 ~

~ RM3,000 Cash
~ RM1,000 worth of hair services
~ Gifts from Loreal Paris worth RM1,000
~ Gifts voucher & holidays worth more than RM 3,500.00
~ Paid dream job to party worth RM 2,400.00
~ Plus complimentary bottles drinks worth RM 4,800.00

So, girls out there!!! What are you waiting for?!
This may be the changing point of your life!!!

Click the link to register - MardiGras

Any enquires, please kindly contact Mr.Eklern

** photo adapted from
signed off 4:20 p.m.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

YES! We're The Kings of Roads '09 ~

Don't know since when and why my gang started to love marathon so much~
At first, the Standard Chartered International Run, then Anti-dadah marathon, followed by McDonald Olympic run, Siemens Run, KL Night run and finally this Adidas The King Of Road marathon~

I'd asked them why? None of them actually can provide me the actual answers ~ for fun? goodie bags? healthy? Well, I don't know . . . So, to find out the answer, I've joined them along for the McD, Night Run and Adidas Run~

2 August 2009 - Adidas King of the Road was my second run~ I forgot to blog about the McD run, but you can refer to MsXeRoZ for the run~ and I've missed the Night Run due to my trip to Sungai Lembing~

First thing I gonna' say is I haven't been jogging for the pass 5 years (except for the warming up run - a week before McD run , and McD run ), therefore qualifying within 50mins is another story for me, my concern here is whether I'll manage to finish the 11km run myself, without passing out in the middle of the run~

We reached the Shah Alam Stadium around 6:20 a.m. and here's a snapshot of our 'mascot' in ORANGE!

Reporting in before 7:00 a.m ~

The Adidas IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING supporters~!!

Medals for qualifiers!! Of course I don't have 'em~

The run started at 7:00 a.m. ~ and I manage to finish without taking the last place~ Guess how long it took me to finish 11km??
Hint : Look at the photo~

and finally - YES! We're THE KINGS OF THE ROAD!!!

And now. . . You would ask me do I get the answers of why joining the marathon?
The answer is just simple - I don't know ~

signed off at 12:07 p.m.

Monday, August 10, 2009

JUICE 7th Birthday ~

Gosh, I've forgotten to blog about the JUICE 7th Birthday in Euphoria, MOS on the 31th July 2009 as mentioned in my earlier post ~

31 July 2009 - We got there early and manage to get a front queue~ Unfortunately, some misunderstanding occurs landed us back to the end of the queue . . . =.="
So, in short . . . We got there early but went in late, and we didn't get a good spot downstairs~ But our final 'campsite' weren't that bad after all - which allows us to witness the whole event without hustle and bustle~

The theme for the night - FUTURE SO BRIGHT ~ but I don't see what so bright future here in Malaysia with the issue happened recently~ Well, I don't like to talk about politics here~ as its always involved the DARK side!
Alrite peoples! Let's con't our PARTY!

Our emcee of the night - Joey G!

Get to meet a new bunch of CRAZiee friends~ How CraZiEee?? That's for me to know, and for you to find out!!
AND That's the best part for me at the event!

Introducing~ Miss Boon aka Wern in her Sunnies + Neon Bright dresscode!!

Free drinks - but its NOT FREE FLOW as shown at the passes~ Only limited 2 glasses per guest~
However, the MARTELL cocktail is GOOD!

Well, here are some snapshots during the event~

signed off at 1:53 p.m.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Disappointment of Hyundai ~

The GRAND PRIZE was 10 days 7 nights EURO trip for 2 worth RM38,000!

Participant : TianChad Chen, Nicole Chua, and Ange Tan
Photographer : ZJ (myself)

Thou we don't expect to win the grand prize, but after celebrating our 1st prize for KFC Flava' Roast victory in the afternoon, we are eager to join for more competitions~
Therefore, we waited for the night to come and get Ange's sister Getz and headed out to KLCC!
These 2 were our participating photos!

1 August 2009, Bukit Tinggi Jusco in Klang . . . we arrived early and since the event hasn't started, Nicole wanted to try out the new Hyundai i30. .

The event started at 8:00 p.m. with humorous combinations of participating entries~

Time to announce the TOP 10 entries! Out of nearly 280 entries, both of our entries managed to the TOP 10! Grats to us! We've once again prove ourselves we're not that bad!

Prize giving time! Wow! The bag of prizes were so heavy. . .You're wondering what's in it rite? You'll see~
A group photo together with other winners! Look at all the winners' expression except the grand prize winner~ The photo will shows what I wanna' mean~

Let me starts with some goodie bag that I received recently . . . The Night Run goodie bag~ Although we need to pay a small sum of entry fees like RM30, its still worth it~ inclusive a running-tee and a cert~

Followed by the KFC event goodie bag~ every guest who attend get it for FREE! and a KFC buffet too~

The Juice mag anniversary goodie bag~ An Adidas bag, Snips voucher, pizza voucher, camp5 voucher, even the straps of the goodie bag looks awesome!

Now! Time to reveal the mystery~ What's for the TOP 10 prizes??!
ATTENTION : This is not a goodie bag! This is a TOP 10 prize for the 'Which Hyundai R U?' competition~

Yes it is! You don't need to rub your eyes~ they aren't blur~
  • A miniature car which I don't even know what model it is.. You might just get it from the night market perhaps~
  • A shirt which all the salesperson were wearing during the event,
  • and A STACK OF CATALOGUE which you can obtain from the salesperson!
That's why it looks heavy~ WTH?! After all the hard work finding a car, going all the way to KLCC, lying on the floor blocking the traffic just to snap the photo with passerby cock-staring, and recruiting votes, and some may have even blocked me in Facebook for spamming their wall asking others to vote!

No offence for the lucky voters, as they just need to click a single button to win an iTouch! Congratulations!
What I'm emphasizing here is - Hyundai, an international company~ giving out Grand Prize worth of RM38,000. . . but only a shirt, a miniature Hyundai-look-alike car, and a STACK of catalouge for the remaining 9 entries out of the TOP 10! SO PATHETIC!

Somemore I received info that Hyundai is one of the best car seller for the 1st quarter of 2009! Then why not 9 more iTouch for the remaining TOP 10??! No wonder some of the winner did not appear themselves for the event~ Wasting petrol and toll all the way from KL to Klang =.=" *sweat*
Plus, the interviewer that I mentioned in my earlier post~ DOUBLE KILL!! Killed my mood ~

I think this is the only so-called token of appreciation for myself for the pathetic day~ A photo with Mr. Kenny Sia, the well known blogger in Malaysia~

signing of with disappointment at 5:36 p.m.