Tuesday, September 8, 2009

KL Bird Park ~

23 August 2009 - Went to KL Bird Park, the world's LARGEST free-flight walk-in aviary after the night to LoOk Out pOint.

I noticed there's a special rate for Malaysians as the entrance fee was written RM42 for adult and RM32 for children, but there's another notice at the side of the counter wrtting 'dewasa lima belas' and 'kanak-kanak enam', no figure was written.
LoL~ I think this is to avoid foreigners asking 'what is this 15 and 6 doing on the notice?' =D

I realised that ostrich has the 'dumbest' smile~ haha!

Enjoy the picture. . . Well, I'm new in shooting~ trying to improve my shooting skills~ =)

This pose looks fimiliar - If you watched 'Once upon in China - Master Wong' haha!

Was waiting whole day for a peacock to open up its 'fan' . . but they were stingy to show any~

This bird reflects the sunlight with its colourful shiny feather~

Owls are proven to be asleep during the day~ haha!

I personally like the black hawk~

Skin colour is not an issue even for birds in Malaysia~ LoL~ *theoretically*

Gosh, I still got some piled up photos to update~ haha! stay tune!

signed off at 8:55 p.m.


akiki said...

nice photos

SiAdik said...

LOL... gambar ostrich yg badut LOL