Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thx for the support all along, Yay ~

2 months has passed since I started blogging~ Starts going event and meet new friends since then . . .
Its a total new experience for me! Before this, I wouldn't know blogging would reach such stage that I couldn't even imagine~

Well, this post is meant to celebrate my blog for the 20th post and hitting 1000 visitors! Woohoo~ And, for the first time my post was at the TOP 10 in nuffnang Innit!
Not something to boast off, but I would say its more like a self-achievement, and self-motivation. Personally, I wouldn't think I could come this far, but yet I'm here~ I made it in 2 months!

Really have to thanks MsXeRoZ and TianChad for all the guidance~ And all my fella friends and families who was willingly or forced to visit my blog~ =p Not to forget Innit Nuffnangers as well! Thanks for all YOUR support!
And I do need all of you to continue to support me! Thanks again !

signed off emotionally at 5:47 p.m.