Friday, September 11, 2009

Night shooting @ Putrajaya ~

29 August 2009 - It was a busy day since early in the morning~ and I had to drop by Dengkil at night, why don't go to Putrajaya for some night shooting as well? Quickly picked up my phone and sms kaki to go along with me~

We reached there about 9 p.m. after dinner. . Our first shooting scene - a completed-lighted-functioning bridge; the other with no head and tail . . Well, it could be an eye sore, and blaming government wasting money building bridges with no ends~

A motorboat passes by, causing the clear-mirrored-reflection of the bridge having some special effect~

I was too focus snapping the bridge, forgetting to snap the nice reflection until the motorboat passes by~ I missed the nice reflections~ =( Kindly refer to MsXeRoZ as she had some better shots~

As a newbie in taking photos, those who are experienced advised me to play with camera settings~
Below are some shots taken with different settings~ Do leave some comment for me to improve myself =D

I liked this shot with the moon~ Not edited.

Well, let me know which shot you liked the most~ =D

signed off multi-tasking at 4:07 p.m.


iyouwe said...

r u using a dslr? i want to buy one. can u giv me any suggestion?nanged u! nang this if u want to can't stop laughing! nang me!

Wo Shi Nicole aka MsXeRoZ said...

Excuse me, you didnt label the photos. so how wanna tell u which photo is nice?

BTW, i like the photos without Nicole in it. HAHAHAHA

XeRoZ aka Marshall said...

@iyouwe, yups DSLR.. perhaps you can go to the website they got guide over there..
and i've nanged everyone on the 1st page in innit earlier =D

@msxeroz,LoL~ so random~

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Prefer picture above the moon picture.
With either Wern/nicole inside =)

XeRoZ aka Marshall said...

tianchad, I liked that too.. cooler colour~ haha, that was wern in the photo =D

Aidi-Safuan said...

wow...i like the color at the last picture

Adele said...

Comments from an untrained amateur here, hope ya don't mind ^^

Aesthetics-wise, I love the natural 'special effects' and the play with Putrajaya's night lights =D

XeRoZ aka Marshall said...

@aidi, i didnt expect the colour to be that colourful too..haha!

@adele,thx alot for the comment =D

kenwooi said...

i always wanted to go there..
but everytime i do..
i'll get lost.. lol.. =P

lin said...