Friday, July 24, 2009


This post wasn't suppose to be my 2nd post! I was planning to post about a KFC party that was on the 18 of July.

I was about to retrieve some photo from my memory card to start writing a new post when something goes wrong with my laptop which my memory card was attached to . . . resulting my memory card . . CORRUPTED!
I didn't even backup a single photo yet!

I was like OMG! with 500 over photos just *snapped* gone like that =.= I think I'd suffer minor stroke at THAT particular moment when i saw the error message asking me whether to format the memory card!

Feeling helpless and hopeless, I have to inform TianChad and MsXeRoZ regarding the issue as we'd just attend the STUFF magazine 5th anniversary event at ZOUK yesterday night, which includes a photo together with Ean from Hitz.FM morning crew in my memory card!

*finger crossed* Thank god for giving me a little conscious for not clicking the 'YES' button while I've already lost my mind with the mess.
I manage to search through the web for a few times and finally found a freeware 'DiskDigger'.

yup, just like it sounded. . . the DiskDigger manage to DIG through my whole memory card and successfully retrieved most of the data, INCLUDES THOSE I'VE ALREADY REMOVED FROM THE MEMORY AGES AGO! *sounds spooky huh?!*

thanks to DiskDigger which had safe my @$$ for not losing those precious photos!
but, the troublesome part is you have to SAVE all the retrieved images 1 by 1 and that actually took me hours!

The moral of the story is - DO backup your photos everytime . . . who knows the memory card might corrupt again anytime. Thx to DiskDigger again, else you won't able to see the upcoming KFC party post . . .

signing off at 4 a.m.