Friday, July 31, 2009

Sg. Lembing - A Memorable Trip ~

Our family members hasn't gather around since Chinese New Year. . Everyone has been busy either to earn a living or preparing for exams~ Its kind'da funny if someone ask you how's your family members doing recently, and you don't even know how to answer~

This family trip to Sg.Lembing has been planned by my uncle, Alex Loo months earlier. . . Everyone can take this opportunity to put down their daily heavy loads for now, enjoy and relax through the beautiful weekend. .

Our first destination approaching Sg.Lembing was the waterfall and reserved forest of Sg. Pandan~

Beautiful waterfall with suspended bridge~

I just started photography recently, these photos really tested my skills~

Lacked of photo shooting experience, I took loads of shots and only satisfied with few of them~

No more shooting for me, I'm not gonna miss the chance to embrace myself with Mother Nature~

Time to jump into the cooling and refreshing water!

I personally like these photos~ Its like surrounded by clouds~

My beloved grandpa and grandma~

You can't find such good quality and tasty rambutans in K.L. for sure!

Second day~

We woke up at 4.30 in the morning, then took a climb to Panorama Hill to witness the legendary 'sea of clouds'~ haha!

This photo looks like fire in the town~ xp

Witness the well known 'sea of clouds' ~

This looks like Niagara Falls to me~ haha!

This one looks like clouds are flowing from a river~

When you come to Sg.Lembing, of course you can't miss the chance to visit the museum~ It very much describe the ' moment of glory ' of Sg.Lembing which used to be one of the largest underground mining area!

Last destination before we leave Sg.Lembing - the famous crystal house! The owner of the place created a miniature-mine-like tunnel and explained how underground mining works!

He's been working as 'demolition man' for 23 years, carrying dynamites and explosives while he works! Fire in the hole! BOOM! When he saw pieces of uniquely shaped rocks, he will keep them and bring home on a motorbike as collections. . 10 years passed! There, the collections he had today!

bla bla bla~ I'd finished sharing my experience in Sg.Lembing!
For more photos, please refer to my Facebook profile: Day1 and Day2 ~
Now I have to rush myself for dinner and then head out to Juice 7th Birthday at Euphoria, M.O.S. . . .

signed off at 7 p.m.


kian_shen said...

Your blog will be a very successful photo blog. All the pictures are great. Maybe this is your career as well..

XeRoZ aka Marshall said...

lol.. very motivating! I'll take it as a compliment.. thank you~

fattien said...

Very nice trip and photos. :D Still got more pics?

XeRoZ aka Marshall said...

thx fattien for dropping by~
you may need to login to FaceBook to see my other photos~
the link is 'day1' and 'day2' in the post =)

Tommy 少侠 said...

..reminded me the memories with family in my hometown :D nice picture!

Karyee said...

Ah, too bad, i'd missed such beautiful family trip.

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