Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stuff Magazine 5th Anniversary at ZOUK~

It happen at 22 July 2009 late evening, when I suddenly remembered that TianChad had reminded me about the Stuff anniversary in ZOUK. Panic where to get a copy of Stuff magazine last minute for the invites then TianChad said he got a friend with extra invites~ phew! Save my day~

Reached ZOUK before the event started but couldn't go in yet . . . still waiting for the friend who caught in jam~ While we're waiting. . . *snap snap* photo time!

Does our attire match the logo??

ZOUK's concern bout all the guests health . . . Well done ZOUK!

Was taking some of these photo outside ZOUK when . . .

the Hitz cruizer arrived. . . I wonder why Hitz.FM is here . . .
But, I'm more curious bout who's the

Ohh... No wonder Hitz.FM is here! Ean from the
Morning Crew and Natalie from Hitz Drive Thru was the emcee for that night~
Now i understand why Hitz.FM always announce Ean is short~

I just started to join events recently, and this is the first event I started to blog about! Happy enough, I was given limited access pass to the event! Cool rite?? okayla, cool for a new blogger like me~ =)
Besides, Stuff magazine is generous to give out loads of prizes includes sound systems, 32" flat screen LCD, speakers, branded mouse and keyboards . .
The guy ( second from left on the right photo ) was so so so happy that he squeezed the presenter's hand so hard . . because he won the LCD tv~

And also special prizes for the 2
Guitar Hero finalist!

Ean can't resist the temptation of the ecstacy playing Guitar Hero and tried it himself too~

Thanks to the organising body and sponsors for the cool event!

Not to forget a photo with the
Morning Crew - Ean!
Thank God I was able to retrieve this photo from the corrupted memory card~
** p/s. please refer to my second post if you don't know what I mean. .

Lastly, before leaving. . . Gotta pays tribute to our KING OF POP! R.I.P MJ~

There, this is XeRoZ aka Marshall aka ZJ.. LoL~ reporting LIVE from the event! =x

signed off at 12.50 a.m.


SiAdik said...

this post is nice but when comes to the last pic suddenly i have the urge to kick you lols

Nicole said...

Nice one!!

Good writing, you r more talented to be a blogger than me!

Enjoy reading your blogs..just need more publicity!

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

MJ rocks!
I mean ZJ ;p

XeRoZ aka Marshall said...

thx all for dropping by~
thx for the support!

doesn't matter you have the urge or not, as long as you con't read my post! haha~

I learnt it from you~

yea! MJ rocks! yesterday night went to sing-k, MJ songs are just luvable!
ZJ yet got more to learn~

Ah Boy said...

haha,great pose..i can see the shadow of MJ in u..haha

Anonymous said...

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