Thursday, July 16, 2009

Suddenly I Got My Own Blog~

hmm~ This is my first blog and my first post! BUT, I got nothing to blog about at this moment, just wanted to post something to make myself committed to this blog.

MsXeRoZ created the blog for me out of sudden.. with the encouragement of TianChad of course! So that I may attend some of the coming happening events that allow free entrance to bloggers!

Can't really describe my feeling now... a little confuse, happy, excited, anxious... and disappointed because I was informed by MsXeRoZ that I won't be able to use the link as someone has already use it. =(
Why xeroz? XeRoZ is actually an in game name that I've used for the pass 4 years..

It started with a online game called MapleStory. Thinking a name always causes me headache! macho ones.. funny ones.. simple ones.. headache! So I came out with the spec frame that I used to dream of - Zero X!

So i typed ZeroX and as expected, that name has already choosen.. again.. headache!
Asking my brother whether was it nice to swap the position of 'X' and 'Z' and he said 'not bad'.. (eventhough if he doesn't agree at that moment, I've already decided to use that...just wanted someone to agree with me~ XD) and since that day on, XeRoZ lives a part in me.At the other hand, felt appreciated to the effort of my love one (MsXeRoZ, of course!) who takes the initiative to create a blog for me so that I got no excuse for keep delaying!

TianChad has also been asking me to create my own blog...
So TianChad... if you read this too.. There, my blog finally!

17.07.2009 12.27 a.m. now, I've completed my FIRST post!
Got loads to learn bout blogging.. Hopes any of you out there would start supporting me from now on~ good nite!


大頭 said...

welcome to the blogger world !!!

XeRoZ said...

thank you Patrick! I'll treat you a drink for being my 1st reader who post a comment!

@loha said...

u're using my old background....

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

How bout me that somehow "inspire" you to start blogging? XD

Welcome to the blogsphere!

XeRoZ said...

yea.. u and nic give me the main inspiration to create my own blog~
that's why ur name appears in my 1st post! haha!

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

After you start blogging, you will gain more interesting thing to do in the future. Trust me!

XeRoZ said...

testing testing.. Thank you ange for your feedback. i think the comment page has been repaired.

Anonymous said...

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