Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Disappointment of Hyundai ~

The GRAND PRIZE was 10 days 7 nights EURO trip for 2 worth RM38,000!

Participant : TianChad Chen, Nicole Chua, and Ange Tan
Photographer : ZJ (myself)

Thou we don't expect to win the grand prize, but after celebrating our 1st prize for KFC Flava' Roast victory in the afternoon, we are eager to join for more competitions~
Therefore, we waited for the night to come and get Ange's sister Getz and headed out to KLCC!
These 2 were our participating photos!

1 August 2009, Bukit Tinggi Jusco in Klang . . . we arrived early and since the event hasn't started, Nicole wanted to try out the new Hyundai i30. .

The event started at 8:00 p.m. with humorous combinations of participating entries~

Time to announce the TOP 10 entries! Out of nearly 280 entries, both of our entries managed to the TOP 10! Grats to us! We've once again prove ourselves we're not that bad!

Prize giving time! Wow! The bag of prizes were so heavy. . .You're wondering what's in it rite? You'll see~
A group photo together with other winners! Look at all the winners' expression except the grand prize winner~ The photo will shows what I wanna' mean~

Let me starts with some goodie bag that I received recently . . . The Night Run goodie bag~ Although we need to pay a small sum of entry fees like RM30, its still worth it~ inclusive a running-tee and a cert~

Followed by the KFC event goodie bag~ every guest who attend get it for FREE! and a KFC buffet too~

The Juice mag anniversary goodie bag~ An Adidas bag, Snips voucher, pizza voucher, camp5 voucher, even the straps of the goodie bag looks awesome!

Now! Time to reveal the mystery~ What's for the TOP 10 prizes??!
ATTENTION : This is not a goodie bag! This is a TOP 10 prize for the 'Which Hyundai R U?' competition~

Yes it is! You don't need to rub your eyes~ they aren't blur~
  • A miniature car which I don't even know what model it is.. You might just get it from the night market perhaps~
  • A shirt which all the salesperson were wearing during the event,
  • and A STACK OF CATALOGUE which you can obtain from the salesperson!
That's why it looks heavy~ WTH?! After all the hard work finding a car, going all the way to KLCC, lying on the floor blocking the traffic just to snap the photo with passerby cock-staring, and recruiting votes, and some may have even blocked me in Facebook for spamming their wall asking others to vote!

No offence for the lucky voters, as they just need to click a single button to win an iTouch! Congratulations!
What I'm emphasizing here is - Hyundai, an international company~ giving out Grand Prize worth of RM38,000. . . but only a shirt, a miniature Hyundai-look-alike car, and a STACK of catalouge for the remaining 9 entries out of the TOP 10! SO PATHETIC!

Somemore I received info that Hyundai is one of the best car seller for the 1st quarter of 2009! Then why not 9 more iTouch for the remaining TOP 10??! No wonder some of the winner did not appear themselves for the event~ Wasting petrol and toll all the way from KL to Klang =.=" *sweat*
Plus, the interviewer that I mentioned in my earlier post~ DOUBLE KILL!! Killed my mood ~

I think this is the only so-called token of appreciation for myself for the pathetic day~ A photo with Mr. Kenny Sia, the well known blogger in Malaysia~

signing of with disappointment at 5:36 p.m.


Wei Wen said...

HAHA...So kiam siap la!! aiya,i should have join t adidas run

Karyee said...

-Siemen Run give goodie bags to the runners, with only RM10 registration fees charges.
-Adidas run, to my dismay, didnt't provide much other than a 20%discount voucher for a whopping RM25 early bird reg. fees.

Wonder how much the organizers rake in, in 1 run.

Nicole said...

Yo XeRoZ,

Yah, i was pretty disappointed too. Although they didnt mention in the website that they are giving prizes to top 10, at least they shouldnt insert the catalogues..

R they expecting you to sell or buy from them car?

lin said...