Monday, August 10, 2009

JUICE 7th Birthday ~

Gosh, I've forgotten to blog about the JUICE 7th Birthday in Euphoria, MOS on the 31th July 2009 as mentioned in my earlier post ~

31 July 2009 - We got there early and manage to get a front queue~ Unfortunately, some misunderstanding occurs landed us back to the end of the queue . . . =.="
So, in short . . . We got there early but went in late, and we didn't get a good spot downstairs~ But our final 'campsite' weren't that bad after all - which allows us to witness the whole event without hustle and bustle~

The theme for the night - FUTURE SO BRIGHT ~ but I don't see what so bright future here in Malaysia with the issue happened recently~ Well, I don't like to talk about politics here~ as its always involved the DARK side!
Alrite peoples! Let's con't our PARTY!

Our emcee of the night - Joey G!

Get to meet a new bunch of CRAZiee friends~ How CraZiEee?? That's for me to know, and for you to find out!!
AND That's the best part for me at the event!

Introducing~ Miss Boon aka Wern in her Sunnies + Neon Bright dresscode!!

Free drinks - but its NOT FREE FLOW as shown at the passes~ Only limited 2 glasses per guest~
However, the MARTELL cocktail is GOOD!

Well, here are some snapshots during the event~

signed off at 1:53 p.m.

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NICE!!!!! my face!!