Sunday, August 23, 2009

My 1st Ruumz outing~

Gosh, I have to keep my blog active in order to reach my first 1000 visitor~ Hitting 600 now, 400 to go!
Gotta keep up posting!

15 August 2009 - My first outing with myRuumates since I join Ruumz about few months ago. I first joined just to help TianChad for some sort of competition, I guess. . haha! But after meeting some new friends from Ruumz in the JUICE anniversary, I started to chat with them in the chatRuum and get to know them more. Since there's a gathering, why not join them?

Neway in Puchong - Me, Nicole, Jack aka Marsboy, Rachel K aka KoKo Nut, Minton, Hafez and Cynthia. . .

Sunway Pyramid - Nicole and Hafez joined in the models~ Well, I don't know what you call the models. . they're actually posting like statue without moving for quite some time~

Dinner - Sushi King, Esther aka Hellgirl and Rachel T, Eklern and Wendy joined in~ 'baby' Esther will only eat by spoonfeeding~

G.I.Joe session in TGV~

Prevention of H1N1 - Jack looks scare!! By poster of 'The Screen' ? or Nicole?

After movie - drinking session of course! The usual place where the gang hang out - The Sanctuary!

For more photos, please refer to my Facebook profile here~
Second day dinner at Teluk Gong coming up! Stay tune!

signed off at 1:19 a.m.

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