Wednesday, September 2, 2009

LoOk Out Point ~

My have to update my blog more often before my post-to-be and photos pile up~

22 August 2009 - Drove all the way up to loOk Out pOint for dinner with MsXeRoZ's family. They're here from Ipoh, we decided to bring them somewhere nice~ Well, it's not far from my place. . 15 minutes drive perhaps?

I've already planned to take some shots up there, since we're already there, why not?
I noticed there's a place in the photo which is exceptionally bright with red lights~

A fire! And red lights are actually brake lights caused by the busy-body traffic who slowed down for a peep, as usual! Well, Malaysians~

Some similiar shots with different settings~

You can see Genting Highland from here too~

Nice place to hang out~ Far from the city, less polluted, more relaxing~
Just that you need to pay parking fees, which old timer like me who used to hang out there knew that parking was F.O.C before this~
I'll plan to go there again, but no so often - to try out the other restaurants~ Afterall, it's less than 15 mins drive from my place~

signed off at 2:35 p.m.